My renewed website,, launched

My website is finally renewed and updated after 9 years of existence. What a relief!

Since I moved to Berlin 1 year ago everything is new. So it’s quite natural that the site is renewed here. There will be many new exciting artworks created and shown here and around the globe. Passion has been awakened once again in a new and different way. In any case it feels great as it should be. And, now my website looks exactly how I would like to have it. Thanks to Karin Ström who have made this awesome work.

Graphic design have been made by my dear friends Karin Ström and Rickard Gunnarsson, the dynamic duo at Vendela & Valentin, where Karin has been the one in charge. Excellent work Karin! I am really satisfied with Your work, the profile and graphics.

With the new site in order I will start blogging again and on a continuing basis. Now it’s also possible to sign up for a newsletter and please feel free to get in contact, anywhere or through Fb.

Look out for more, and outrageous artworks.